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/ 11.12.2015 / Pantheist has to pull out of 'Under the Doom' festival in Lisbon
It is with regret that we are announcing that due to unforeseen circumstances, we are no longer able to feature on the bill of the Under The Doom festival in Lisbon. The decision has been taken in mutual consent with Notredame Productions. We are sorry for bringing our fans disappointing news, but a situation has arisen which can't be fixed at this stage. Our next gig will now be the Doom Over Edinburgh festival in March. Rest assured that we will make up for this once the album is out, by visiting Portugal and playing the promised killer gig we were looking forward to play in February.

- Pantheist
/ 14.11.2015 / 'O Solitude' reissue and new limited edition shirt available to buy from band
It is now possible to buy the Grau reissue of 'O Solitude' directly from the band, for £10 (GBP) including postage. Furthermore, the band have produced a new 'O Solitude' t-shirt to coincide with the reissue, featuring the old Pantheist logo. Please note that the shirt is strictly limited edition, with only 50 made, and can only be bought from the band themselves, again for £10. It is also possible to buy both items together for a bargain price of £18! To purchase any of these items, go to the
merchandise page.
/ 03.10.2015 / Pantheist to play at 'Under the Doom' festival in Lisbon in February 2016
In another European performance for Pantheist in the coming months, the band have been confirmed to play on the second day of the 'Under the Doom' festival in Lisbon, on the 13th February 2016, together with Esoteric and Shattered Hope among others. Please note that the full line-up for Doom Over Kiev in November has also been announced, and in addition to Pantheist includes bands such as Antimatter, Kauan and When Nothing Remains. More bands have also been added to the line-up for the Doom Over Edinburgh festival in March of 2016, including Officium Triste and Black Magician. For more information on all of this, go to the
concerts page.
/ 10.08.2015 / 'O Solitude' reissue released
Grau Records released their CD reissue of Pantheist's debut album 'O Solitude' on Friday 7th August, and you can buy it from their online shop
here. The reissue contains new artwork and liner notes, as well as the song 'The Pains of Sleep', remastered by Greg Chandler at Priory Recording Studios, as a bonus track. The reissue is also now available to stream on Spotify.
/ 19.07.2015 / Pantheist to perform at Doom Over Kiev in November
Despite currently focusing on writing the new album, the band received an offer they couldn't refuse - to play at Doom Over Kiev, on the 7th November. More information about this gig will be announced soon.
/ 17.06.2015 / Reissue of 'O Solitude' coming in August
Good news for those who haven't been able to lay their hands on Pantheist's debut album yet. Grau will be releasing a CD reissue of 'O Solitude', on the 7th August. This version will also contain as a bonus 'The Pains of Sleep' track, remastered by Greg Chandler at Priory Recording Studios.
/ 04.05.2015 / Pantheist to perform at Doom Over Edinburgh 2016
Pantheist have no plans to perform any gigs in 2015, in order to prioritise work on their fifth album. However, the band can confirm that they will be playing in Scotland for the first time in March 2016, at the Doom Over Edinburgh festival. For more information, head over to the
concerts page.

Please also note that the band have now sold out of copies of the 'Unveiling the Signs' split CD.
/ 24.08.2014 / Third chapter of 'Events' revealed together with new track and artwork!
After many hours of writing, I hereby present the third chapter of my SF-story which is the basis of the concept of our fifth album. One more chapter to go, we are getting slowly there! Together with the chapter you will have the opportunity to listen to a 14-minute musical accompaniment -a collaboration with A.S. from
The Cold View- which is my first attempt at a drone track. As ever, the chapter is illustrated by a drawing of our long-term visual collaborator Cheryl. I am greatly indebted to the following people: Lawrence Van Haecke, Cheryl Panagiotou and Stephen Burrell for their critical reading of the text and essential corrections; A.S. for helping me realise my musical vision; YOU for reading the chapters so far and for supporting the band. Onwards and doom wards...

- Kostas

The third chapter of events can be read here, where you can also find the new accompanying track 'Warping the Space-time Continuum' and artwork.
/ 06.07.2014 / Sterghios, Chris and Pantheist part ways
After 9 years, we are parting ways with our drummer Sterghios. Sterghios had joined the band just before 'The Pains of Sleep' EP and recorded two full-length albums, one split album and one EP with us. He was also the main organiser of the now legendary gig at St-Giles-in-the-Fields with Skepticism. We thank him for his passion and creativity throughout the years. A statement from Sterghios follows below.

We also say goodbye to Chris, who had assumed second guitar duties in a difficult period of the band just before Pepijn's departure to the USA. He helped us maintain a high level of energy at rehearsals and performed with us at the Doom Over London gig last December. Currently down to a trio, we still continue rehearsal activities as before and the writing of the new album goes ahead as planned.


Hi everyone,

Unfortunately, somewhere between my increased responsibilities in being a university associate professor, a science facility director, and the new direction the band is taking with the arrival of Valter, my 9 year journey with Pantheist has come to an end. Those of you that know my personal story know that Pantheist was more than just a band, more than just music to me.

Together with Kostas, Ilia, Andy, Mark, Pete, Pepijn, Aleksej and Chris, we wrote music with meaning, ethos and purpose. We were humbled countless times when some of you told us how far you had traveled to watch us play. We were even more humbled when some of you shared your personal stories where one of our songs became a source of strength and meaning to your lives. A great thank you to all of you that were part of these unforgettable moments.

This also applies to some of the material in the forthcoming album too, which was part written by Kostas during some of the hardest times of my life. As usual, the songs resonated with me at that fundamental level that only Pantheist and few other bands ever did.

In this respect, the new album will be doom in its purest sense. I look forward to the future of Pantheist and wait eagerly to see what new blood on the drum skins will bring to the music.

Stay doomed,
- Sterghios

/ 12.02.2014 / Merchandise Special Offers & Journey Through Lands Unknown Now Available from the Band
Grau's reissue of Pantheist's third album, 'Journey Through Lands Unknown', is
now available to buy directly from the band. In addition, several items are now on multi-buy special offer in the merchandise section, including the new Wijlen Wij album 'Coronachs Of The Ω' and the 'Unveiling the Signs' split for €15 together, Pantheist's self titled fourth album and the 'Journey Through Lands Unknown' reissue for €20 together, and 'Pantheist' and the 'Amartia' reissue for €20 together too. So if you are still missing several items from the Pantheist discography, now is the time to stock up with these great deals!
/ 31.01.2014 / Valter from Before The Rain Joins Pantheist, & Pre-order new Wijlen Wij Album now!
It is now possible to pre-order the new album from Wijlen Wij, the funeral doom side project of Pantheist's Kostas, from the
merchandise page. The album, 'Coronachs Of The Ω', which costs €10 including postage, will be released on the 10th of February, but you can pre-order your copy directly from the band now. Meanwhile, the following is an important announcement from Pantheist about the replacement for the departing guitarist Pepijn:

"We are in the very pleasant position to be able to announce Pepijn Van Houwelingen's replacement. Our new guitarist is Valter Cunha, who many of you will know as the mastermind of the Portuguese atmospheric doomsters Before The Rain. Valter, who has relocated to London in 2012, will add his own unique touch to the band's sound, including our next album which we aim to release in 2015.
Stay tuned for the announcement of our first gigs with the new line-up."

/ 22.01.2014 / Pantheist Sign with Eternal Sound Records
Pantheist's next album, which is due for release in 2015, will be released by the German label
Eternal Sound Records. The following is a comment from the band:

"Pantheist has always had an artistic approach which requires working together with other like minded individuals. As such, the choice of label is very important for us. The new German based label Eternal Sound Records showed belief and confidence in us from the first moment, making clear that they want to be that all important partner we need. We are much looking forward to our collaboration."

You can read more here: www.eternalsound.de.
/ 18.12.2013 / Pepijn Leaves Pantheist, Search for New Guitarist Begins
Thanks to everyone who came to Doom Over London on Sunday, making it such a great event for all involved. Those of you who were there will know by now that our guitar player Pepijn has left the band last month as he has moved to California for personal reasons. We wish him all the best of luck there.

Luckily two guitar players stepped up at short notice ensuring that his loss was not felt at the gig (thank you Frank aka The Watcher and Chris). But we are now in a position where we are searching for a permanent guitar player. Some initial talks have been held and we hope we will have some developments to announce by January. We will also make soon new announcements regarding the release of our next album as well as planned gigs for next year, hoping to make of 2014-2015 the most Pantheistic couple of years yet!

In the meanwhile have a good break and stay doomed...

- Pantheist
/ 18.12.2013 / 'Journey Through Lands Unknown' Reissue Available Now on Spotify, & New Review
For those of you who use Spotify, you can now stream the recently released reissue of 'Journey Through Lands Unknown' (2008) there,
click here to do so.

A new review of the original version of the album from a French webzine can also be found on the press page.
/ 10.11.2013 / 'Journey Through Lands Unknown' Reissue Out this Month
Grau's reissue of Pantheist's third album, 'Journey Through Lands Unknown' (2008), is to be released on November 29th. You can already order it now from the Grau online shop for only €8.50 here:

A review (in Greek) of the band's recent gig in Athens has also been added to the press page.
/ 01.10.2013 / 'Pantheist' and 'Amartia' Available to Buy From the Band Again
The band has re-stocked its copies of 'Pantheist' and 'Amartia'. You can buy them via the
merchandise page though Paypal at very reasonable prices. Grab your copies now if you haven't already! All merch items will be also available at Pantheist's upcoming gigs in Athens and London.
/ 17.09.2013 / Pantheist Begin Collaboration with Eld Events booking agency
We are very pleased to announce the start of our collaboration with booking agency
Eld Events. There are some excellent bands on their roster, and we are looking forward to expand our gig and tour presence in the nearby future with their assistance. If you would like to book Pantheist to perform live please therefore contact Eld Events via the contact page from now on.
/ 09.09.2013 / Watch Pantheist's First Official Video Clip, 'Be Here', now!
We are proud to announce the release of our first official videoclip for the track 'Be Here'. The result of 1.5 years of work, the clip was shot on location at Kasteel van Rumbeke and Sint-Michielskerk, both in Roeselare (Belgium). It has been directed by Alexander Decommere and features the actors Sarah Bostoen and Tuur Uyttenhove, as well as the band. You can find the HD version on our official Youtube channel here:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQekKRTflhU, or watch it below.

/ 25.08.2013 / 'Be Here' Video Clip to be Unveiled on 1st Sept, See Pics Now!
The video clip of 'Be Here', our first official clip, is now ready and will be released on the 1st September 2013. We are very thrilled and proud about this clip which has been a labour of love lasting 1.5 years for the team involved in its making, and can't wait to share the results with you. You can view some images and stills from that session under 'Images' in the 'Behind the Scenes' folder
/ 19.08.2013 / New Gigs in Athens and London
On 27th October, Pantheist will be playing live for the first time in Greece, at the An Club in Athens. The band will be acting as special guests to Daylight Misery, who are organising the gig as a release party for their new album, 'The Great Absence'. Please note though that Pantheist will still be performing a full 'headlining' set with tracks from all four of their albums. In the words of the band:

"Some of you know we have been struggling for years to get a gig in Greece which is obviously special to us due to two Greeks playing in the band. Therefore we count on your massive presence so that we can return in the future for more gigs. Please spread the word around!"

In case you missed it in our last update, Pantheist will also be playing at this year's Doom Over London festival on December 15th, along with other esteemed doom-metal acts such as Worship. For more information about both of these gigs,
click here.
/ 10.08.2013 / Second Chapter of 'Events' Released, with New Song and Artwork!
The second chapter of Pantheist's 'Events' story upon which the band's fifth album is to be based, is being released today exclusively here on Pantheist's official website. The chapter, named 'Journeys Through Lands Unknown', is seventeen pages long, and is accompanied by new artwork by Cheryl Panagiotou, and a new Pantheist track, entitled 'Eternal Potential'. You can view and download all of this material via the 'Events' pages
here, where you can also read the first chapter if you are yet to have done so.

In other news, Pantheist will be performing at this year's Doom Over London festival on December 15th. For more information, check out the concerts page.
/ 26.06.2013 / 'Journey Through Lands Unknown' to be Reissued
Grau Records have confirmed that they will be releasing a reissue of Pantheist's third album, 'Journey Through Lands Unknown', this autumn. The reissue will contain an extended version of the original artwork and as a bonus track, the promo version of 'The Loss of Innocence' recorded back in 2007 and more recently mastered by Greg Chandler at Priory Recording studios. Stay tuned for updates on this release if you would like to get your hands on this now out of print and somewhat controversial album!
/ 29.03.2013 / First Chapter of 'Events' Unveiled: New Pantheist Track, Artwork, and Book!
Contrary to the usual sequence of events in the music 'business' (album recording, then teaser uploaded, tracklisting announced, album released) we have chosen this time to do things differently. Our fifth album which has the working title 'Events' is a conceptual work and its concept will be told through a story published on our official site, with each chapter illustrated and provided with its own soundtrack in the form of an instrumental track!

Our first chapter 'Enter in Time' is now ready for reading. Over the course of the following months, we will continue the story by unveiling the following chapters with their own sound and image, until the whole concept is told.

Take the time to read through the chapters, listen to their sound and reflect on the images. The album won't be released before 2014, and none of the tracks on the site will feature on it as they are only 'preparing the ground' so to speak. In the meanwhile we hope this to be an exciting new way in which we can work together with our fans and collaborators in shaping our next album, so comments, debates and suggestions are all welcome at this stage!
Click here to enter the 'Events' website.

- Pantheist
/ 28.03.2013 / Almost All Band Merchandise Now Sold Out
Please note that the band's merchandise stock has now all sold out apart from the 'Unveiling the Signs' Split EP, which you can still purchase from the
merchandise page for only 8 Euros. You can buy lots of other Pantheist merchandise from the new Grau online shop; for now you should use the 'select band' field to find Pantheist rather than the search engine there however. We will also be unveiling something very special concerning the new Pantheist album right here in the next few days, so come back soon to find out more!
/ 16.02.2013 / Work Begins on Pantheist's First Videoclip and New Concept Album, 'Brighter Days' Live Version Online
We have started shooting our first official video clip for the track 'Be Here'. The first part of the clip has been filmed at the St. Michael church (Sint-Michielskerk) in Roeselare, Belgium during the cold and snowy winter night of 19th January. Photos are available to view now via the
images page. The video is scripted and directed by Belgian filmmaker Alexander Decommere, who is currently building up a great reputation with a documentary about euthanasia ('End Credits') and has filmed videoclips for indie bands such as Transcoder in the past. Our clip will also feature actors Sarah Bostoen and Hendrik Lebon. Camera duties are being handled by Pepijn Robben and his team. We hope to have the clip ready around spring and will be keeping you informed of the developments.

Work has started on our fifth album and we have already recorded several demos of new tracks. It is going to be our second concept album after 'Amartia' and the musical direction promises to be more symphonic and bombastic than the previous album, with increased 'space' aesthetics. Several guest musicians are also due to participate. We would like to involve our fans more in the making of the album than we have done in the past, and to achieve this we will be basing the concept on a Science Fiction story written by Kostas which will be published on our website and facebook page chapter by chapter, accompanied by musical clips not to be found on the album, as well as graphic illustrations by our regular artwork artist Cheryl. Look out over the next few months for the first chapter, clip and visual art right here on Pantheist's official website!

It has been a bit over a year ago since we organised a gig at the St. Giles in The Fields church at the heart of London, and played alongside funeral doom legends Skepticism. The event was set up by our drummer Sterghios as a birthday present to himself and to all fans who attended. To celebrate the anniversary of this event, we are sharing with you (slightly belatedly) one of the tracks that was performed on that memorable evening, 'Brighter Days'. You can listen to the song now on the music page.

Zero Tolerance magazine have recently released a video with their highlights of the 2012 edition of the Portuguese SWR festival in which we participated. Pantheist are featuring quite strongly in this video (in the first few minutes) with an excerpt of us performing 'Unknown Land'. Click here to watch.

- Pantheist
/ 14.01.2013 / London Gig in February
Pantheist will be performing live with the British progressive black metal band Fen (who will be celebrating the release of their new album) in February in Camden, London. For more information, head over to the
concerts page.
/ 26.11.2012 / 'Amartia' Reissue Released
On Friday the reissue of Pantheist's long out of print second album, 'Amartia' (2005), was released through Grau Records. The reissue also comes with new liner notes and an improved album sleeve, and you can buy it now from the band for only €10 including postage via the
merchandise page. 'Amartia' is also now available to stream from Spotify.
/ 30.10.2012 / Running Out of Fuel
We have now lowered the prices of our self-titled album to 13 euro. Our 'Unveiling the Signs' split is also available for 8 euro, and both can be bought together for 18 euro only. The album is also still available as digital download from iTunes.com and Spotify.

The new prices will mean that we are only earning 1 or 2 euro per sold copy after deducting the wholesale price we are paying to the label and postage and packaging. But one needs to do what one needs to do. This measure follows disappointing sales of our latest album, which means that we still owe money to our record label and that financing our next album has become problematic. We have repeatedly stated through this medium and elsewhere, that bands of our 'size' are not making any money, and definitely not a living through our music. We play it because we like it and hope to communicate with those who like what we do too, as long as the 'band bills' are paid. But unfortunately, we can't get round the fact that people are buying less and less of our albums, and we don't see an equivalent increase in merch sales (rather on the contrary) or attendance at our gigs, so that paying these 'band bills' has become problematic now.

Running a band without any money coming in, is a bit like running a car without renewing your fuel. Eventually you will run out of it, and then you won't be able to go anywhere. Every penny that comes in, goes towards financing traveling to come to your city or country to play a gig (as promoters seldom pay all traveling costs made by the band) or towards recording our next album (since the budget we get from our label is not enough to finance a recording to the standards expected from Pantheist).

We have been prepared to take the bulk of these extra costs ourselves over the previous years (and still are to some extent), but there is a limit to everything. It's particularly difficult to work hard on an album for years, have it released and promoted by a hard working, bona fide record label, get the positive reviews and comments in (most of these can be found on our site and Facebook page)...and then nothing. Not even enough sales for band and label to recover half of what they have put in in the first place.

We hate to be so blunt about finances (this is a well-known taboo topic within the underground scene), but at the same time feel that if we don't talk about it, maybe some people will never be able to understand the importance of supporting a band. Not just through talking about it, or listening to free downloads, but to actually also financially support a band, whether this means coming to a gig, buying a t-shirt or buying the band's album. Whether we like it or not (and let's face it, we don't) traveling costs money, recording costs money, everything a band does costs money. You fans are our lifeline, what sustains a band and motivates it to keep going. Without you the only thing that remains is -with a few exceptions- either amateurish DIY muddling, records made by experts in sound engineering who also happen to play in a band, or corporate sponsored mega bands. We are within that majority of bands that tries to survive in the middle of these extremes, and ask for your understanding and support so that we don't run out of fuel before our next album can be recorded, released and promoted.

We know that we are probably preaching to the converted, but hope that you will be able to spread the word in order that everyone who might care reads and understands our situation. We don't expect everyone to suddenly change attitude and start spilling money on underground bands; but we hope that raising awareness will at least help to start shifting a don't-give-a-damn mentality still pretty much present the day of today, a mentality which is self-destructive and will slowly but surely lead to the demise of a whole host of honest bands and labels that are just out there to share with you their love and passion for music.

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